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vinton g cerf on Twitter: "Simple flowchart: ...
99.9 percent of proposed blockchain use cases can be covered by #Bitcoin with #LightningNetwork . way too many folks making blockchains

Pre-announcing the Inevitable: Blockchain for Email | Nylas
Well, first the security offered by blockchain makes regular email servers look as secure as your

AI + Blockchain: Garimella, Kiran, Fingar, Peter, Cerf, Vint ...
AI + Blockchain [Garimella, Kiran, Fingar, Peter, Cerf, Vint] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. AI + Blockchain.

Confessions of an Internet pioneer - Vint Cerf's 2020 vision with the ...
That was a powerful conceptual shift in the way in which crypto works,

'Father of the internet' Vint Cerf speaks out against bitcoin
In addition to discussing the history and advancement of internet technology, Cerf talked about cryptocurrency. When asked about bitcoin, Cerf

Father of Internet Vint Cerf is a Big Fan of Anonymity - Spotlight ...
The community noticed that Vint seemed to be a little behind on Blockchain Technology. He even called himself a “Blockchain Skeptic”. But that

Science Fiction in the Making: An Evening With Vint Cerf - National ...
Vint Cerf discussed creating an interplanetary internet, the need for better security protocols, the drawbacks of blockchain, bit rot,

Blockchain technology - can it really deliver? | INTHEBLACK
including internet co-inventor Vint Cerf and security expert Bruce Schneier, have also argued that blockchain is overhyped.

The Blockchain and the New Architecture of Trust | Kevin Werbach
-Vint Cerf, internet pioneer and co-creator of the TCP/IP protocol.

Block Chain 2.0: The Renaissance of Money | WIRED
In December 1974, Vint Cerf and Robert Kahn designed something revolutionary: the TCP/IP Internet network protocol. A protocol is like manners. When we say “ 
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